Dive Sites

Just a few popular Guam dive Sites brief introduction, I will add more over time...
Finger Reef

OW+ Great for snorkeling and diving, depth from 0-25m. healthy coral and reef fish, occasional turtle visiting.

piti bomb hole

OW+ Piti Bom Hole Marine Preserve is also known as Fisheye Park. A very popular intro diving location, max depth 10m, a lot of reef fish, and occasional turtle & barracuda sighting, a bit of long walk, but it is a relaxing dive to see a lot of fish.


AOW+ Toaki Maru, AOW+ Depth: 15-40m WWII Japanese freighter, visibility 8-18m. She is the only one adjacent to the WWI Cormoran wreck. only place in the world can touch ship wrecks from 2 different world wars at the same time.

Barracuda Rock

OW+ Barracuda Rock 海狼岩 Depth Range: 5m-20m Exp. Level: Beginner Ave. Vis: 20m-25m To the north of the rock is a small cave suitable for snorkeling which extends into the cliff line about 35 feet. On the east side of the rock is a short tunnel that is populated by large schools of fish. You can swim through the tunnel to get to the other side of the rock. From there, either head to the cave or away from the cliff line on to the hard reef flats

Gab Gab II

OW+ Gab Gab II-- 加布加布II Depth Ranges : 12m-30m Exp Level: Experienced (OW+15 dives) Avg Vis: 12m-20m The top of the reef is about 15m, where large schooling fish can be found. The Atlantis operation provides food stations on the reef so they are quite tame and will swarm around divers.

American Tanker

OW+ Depth from 15-25m. American Tanker is a concrete barge that used to transport fuel and water during WWII. There are certain open rooms with visible light that dive can swim through, very interesting dive site for OW+

Northern Cave

OW+ Depth from 10-30m Seasonal dive site. Northern cave is a dive site north of Tumon bay, dome shaped room with light coming in which is an interesting dive site to visit.

Guam Blue Hole

AOW+ Guam Blue Hole Depth from 18-43m, diver should be AOW and above to go. Heart shaped cave makes it interesting for people who bring camera. Strong current is possible, and not a guaranteed dive site as military shooting range and sea condition is a factor.

Harley Reef

OW+ A Harley motorcycle from WWII era, possible 1944/ 1945 model sunk in Apra Harbor, you will need to look for the head light to find the whole thing. Depth 2-18m


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