Dive Education is very important!
Divers who train with Blue Persuasion Diving learn more and progress faster thanks to the most thorough, responsible and effective scuba diver education program. Blue Persuasion has always emphasized the importance of thorough training to ensure you master the skills you'll need to dive safely wherever you go scuba diving.          
潛水教學是很重要的一環, 認真嚴謹的教學才能養成好的潛水員,  我們的教學嚴謹有效率, 注重安全因為我們希望我們的學生出去會是好的潛水員而不只是一個擁有一張卡片的人,  潛水教學是沒有捷徑的.  報名基礎課程的學員請務必做好決心因為學員需要達到標準才能通過,這不是保證班,  如果只是抱著玩玩的心態,猶豫不決的請先報名體驗潛水 先試看看潛水是不是適合你. 考潛水證照


請先下載健康聲明書確認是否學員健康狀況適合潛水, 若任何一樣為"是yes"你就需要有醫生簽名才可上課 (未成年者必須要有醫生簽名方可報名)

Download medical questionnaire PDF form to review if you are suitable for diving




​課程詳情與費用  detail

​​*All Dive Class location will be decided by instructor


* Please email us to schedule dates first

*always follow no fly for 12 hours after single dive and 18 hours for multiple dives rule



1 Full Day 

Entry Level diver certification, No swim test required.

For people who cannot swim yet, or short on time, also a great choice for kids between 10-13 years old.

This certification allows you dive up to 12m/ 40ft with a dive professional.


Min.age : 10 years old

In good physical and mental condition, no medical issue, and not in any kind of medication.

a free set of Instructor's choice of Mask and snorkel for you as a gift! 

現在報名基礎課程送一組教練精選的面鏡呼吸管組 (恕不折現也不能抵學費,贈品款式由教練選擇)


Level 1-

Scuba Diver 


This certification allows you dive up to 18m/60ft with another OW+ diver.

Swim test 200m is required.

No, If you cannot swim for 200 meters, then you cannot take OW course, you can only do Scuba Diver course. 

 Full onsite course (4 days)

$500 pp for group

$550 for one on one

a free set of Instructor's choice of Mask and snorkel for you as a gift! 

現在報名基礎課程送一組教練精選的面鏡呼吸管組 (恕不折現也不能抵學費,贈品款式由教練選擇)

Onsite course starting from $500

Level 2-

Open Water Diver

3 Days total 6 Boat Dives

AOW Course $550

This certification allows you dive up to 30m/100 ft with another AOW+ diver. Learn how to become a better diver. 


AOW+Nitrox Dual Certification Course $650


Advanced Open Water

Deep Specialty $440

(min.age 13 with AOW to sign up)

Enriched Air Specialty $180

(min.age 12 year old with OW to sign up)

Peak Performance Specialty $180 

Emergency First Responder $120

Please check with us for more info


Specialty Courses

Rescue Course is a very useful course that you will learn about how to handle situation and keep yourself safe, EFR course is combined. 


RescueDiver+ Emergency First Responder Course

Become a dive professional.

Divemaster course is a 10 days course, you need to have at least 50 dives, Rescue+EFR certified to sign up. 

400m  non-stop swim test is one of the requirement



Cathy Hsiao

Instructor Level:  PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, EFR Instructor

Award:  PADI Elite Instructor

Language: English, Mandarin Chinese

Cathy is original from Taiwan, she moved to Texas in 2001 and finished her MBA degree from University of Texas in Arlington, after working for a photovoltaics company (solar cell) for 2 years, she found her passion in scuba diving, and decided to move to Guam to become scuba diving instructor and she did! She has been teaching since 2009, and loving the water here. She always encourages her students to continue diving safely, and her own special way of teaching, let a lot of her students continue diving and even become instructors later. 

Ben Reeves

Instructor Level: Master Scuba Diver Trainer, EFR Instructor

Award: PADI Elite Instructor

Language: English

Ben grew up in Arizona, he came to Guam with Air Force. He was Air force Recruiter during his tour in Guam. He decided to stay, and become a scuba diving instructor. He is patient and very efficient in teaching scuba diving.  

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