Guam Dive sites- 関島潛点介紹
Most of dive sites in Guam are accessed by  boat, there are very few beach dive locations open to public. I list few of the most popular dive sites as the following:
關島大多數潛點為船潛, 只有少數岸潛潛點開放給公眾使用,其他在海軍基地上並不開放給大眾, 夜潛並不盛行因為關島過中午後海流變化,能見度變低, 所以很少人做夜潛. 我列出幾個這邊船家最常去的潛點以供參考, 港內指的是亞普拉港, 是一個很大的港灣, 因為有海堤的保護所以在天氣不好時港外強流無法出港時也都還是可以在港內潛的. 

港內  Inside Apra Harbor ---

Gab Gab II-- 加布加布II
Depth Ranges : 12m-30m
Exp Level: Experienced (OW+15 dives)  Avg Vis: 12m-20m
The top of the reef is about 15m, where large schooling fish can be found. The Atlantis operation provides food stations on the reef so they are quite tame and will swarm around divers.
There are several varieties of anemones on the reef, and sponges and soft corals also make this a very interesting dive.
硬珊瑚與大小種類的熱帶魚種都在此島狀的珊瑚礁上盤旋,且觀光潛艇在此活動請小心避開, 因為潛艇是無法閃避你的, 因潛奌是硬珊瑚很脆弱所以須要有不錯的中性浮力才可去.

gab gab 2 guam

Western Shoal  西屿
Depth Ranges: 3m- 25m
Exp Level: Beginner   Ave Vis: 6m-15m
The top of the reef is about 3m, this is a great snorkeling location as well. Shallow part of the reef has a lot of tropical fish and anemones, its a very relaxing dive where coral formation is very interesting.
There are several varieties of anemones and elephant ear sponge, and you can find nudibranch here, its great for all levels of divers.
一個非常輕鬆的潛點, 很多熱帶魚類與海葵, 這是一個適合浮潛與各階級潛水的輕鬆潛點.
western shoal guam

Harley Reef 哈雷礁
Depth Range: 5m-25m 
Exp. Level: Beginner  Ave. Vis.: 5m-10m
wall diving, there are a lot of hard coral formation, and there is a Harley motorcycle hidden in this reef, its near the drop off to deeper end, as the hard coral already grow over it, you need to try to find the headlight first, then the rest will reveal.
此潛點是以沉在此的哈雷機車命名的, 因珊瑚已長在哈雷上, 你會須要先尋車燈就會看到整台哈雷. 潛水員若要依靠著拍照請小心別碰到珊瑚唷
harley reef guam

American Tanker 美國運輸艦
Depth Range: 16m- 25m
Exp. Level: Beginner   Ave. Vis: 5m-15m
The American Tanker is a large concrete barge that was used during World War II to transport fuel from the United States to Guam. It was one of five barges that were brought to Guam and the remains of the others can be seen along the breakwater. The tanker was used as a fuel storage and transfer "dock" for visiting ships and ws then sunk after it was no longer needed.
This is a great dive for those with an interest in wrecks but little or no experience diving them is necessary. It also has some opportunities for experienced wreck divers to explore more deeply.
此運輸艦在二次大戰時是用來運送淡水與燃油用的, 在戰後美軍將她退役掉, 此潛點適合各階級潛水員, 船体完整, 因光線夠拍起來容易, 有幾個地方是開放空間可游過, 滿有意思的.
american tanker guam by gary sun

港外 Outside Apra Harbor---

Barracuda Rock 海狼岩
Depth Range: 5m-20m
Exp. Level: Beginner  Ave. Vis: 20m-25m

To the north of the rock is a small cave suitable for snorkeling which extends into the cliff line about 35 feet.
On the east side of the rock is a short tunnel that is populated by large schools of fish. You can swim through the tunnel to get to the other side of the rock. From there, either head to the cave or away from the cliff line on to the hard reef flats, which have interesting rock outcrops full of schooling fish and invertebrates.
此潛點適合各種階級潛水員, 能見度好,大石塊區有個小穴可游過去, 石塊區內有很多魚類躲在下面, 目前此潛點常有鯊魚迴游.
barracuda rock guam

Blue Hole 藍洞
Depth Range: 18m-40m
Exp. Level: AOW   Ave. Vis: 20m-40m
**雨季(8-11月)會因海況不佳很少去 Raining season this site will be no go.
Guam's most famous dive site,
is a natural limestone shaft extending down into the reef. Soft and hard corals, sea whips, fish and eels can be seen inside the shaft.
The upper opening is at 60 feet. From there, the shaft drops to 300+ feet. Gliding down the awe-inspiring shaft can get even the most experienced diver’s adrenaline up,
so watch your descent rate and depth carefully.
The first opportunity to exit the shaft is at 127 feet. It's not uncommon to see large pelagic fish outside the opening, and as you follow the wall on the outside of the Blue Hole you probably will see more.
Once out of the shaft, ascend to about 80 feet and follow the contour of the wall for a while. Then ascend to the 60’ reef flat where there is a variety of hand-fed fish and several large boulders covered with interesting corals and algae. Watch for large trigger fish and lots of schooling fish.
關島最有名的潛點, 洞口剛好在18m的位置,能見度非常好所以請注意下潛速度與深度,  因為常有強流且多為下降流所以潛水員須要有AOW且中性浮力要好,腳力好有放流潛經驗, 潛水電腦錶為必需品, 此藍洞為心型的, 許多潛水員來就是為了那張心型照來的, 但洞外並無很多東西可看, 偶有鯊魚, 鷹鰩等經過, 如有水底相機最好是有廣角魚眼,這樣才能拍好完整的藍洞. 洞很深沒有底的,所以潛水員須要注意自己的潛水電腦錶, 注意深度跟殘氮量, 不要逗留,拍好照就上來 到18m的平台. 此潛點因為在軍方靶場下方,所以如果軍方當日演習則關閉潛點,且常受海況影響無法保證去此潛點
BLUE HOLE Guam sun light
Blue Hole Guam opening