Hafa Adai!   

    Welcome to Guam!
    Blue Persuasion Diving is a PADI Dive Center located inside Hilton Guam Resort and Spa.
     We provide the following services:
  • PADI Dive Courses
  • Guided Fun Dives for Certified Divers
  • PADI Discover Scuba Dive for people who have no dive license
  • Dive Gear Sales & Service for TUSA & Scubapro
  • Scuba Diving on Guam is easy and safe
歡迎來到#美国关岛 GUAM, USA!
我們提供關島潛水PADI 潛水教學, 關島有舒適的潛水環境,妥善保養的TUSA裝備, 加上溫暖美麗的海水,這裡是最好的學潛水的地方了 !!
我們是PADI 潛水中心藍色說服力S-22947 位於關島希爾頓飯店內, PADI 線上學習已開放, 現在您可在家線上學習把潛水學科上完, 來關島上術科,這個選擇讓您大大的減少一整天坐在教室上學科的時間, 您只須要兩天術科的時間並達到課程學習標準,輕鬆完成課程並還有時間去購物逛街享受關島的陽光唷! 您的PADI 證照將會由美國寄發給您
我們是合法且有保險的PADI教練, 中英文教學任您選擇,我們也提供裝備選購的諮詢.
我們是關島唯一有合格PADI中文女教練的PADI 潛水中心

Popular Dive Sites
Blue Hole藍洞

Certification Level required: AOW
Depth: 18m~50m+
This is a vertical shaft starting from 18m  to the opening at 43m, downward strong current may occur, diver must have dive computer and good buoyancy control.
This dive site may not available in raining season due to rough sea  condition.
(photo copyright by Gary Sun)
Barracuda Rock 海狼岩
Certification Level required:  OW
Depth: 5m~17m
Great dive site that is suitable for all levels of diver, a fun swim through and lots of fish between rocks, sharks and turtle are common visitors here.
Tokai Maru 東海丸沉船
Certification Level required: AOW
Depth: 15m~40m
WThe only place in the world that can touch 2 ship wrecks from different world wars . This dive site only suitable for AOW + level and requires good buoyancy, dive computer is a must have. this Japanese freighter is big, so usually takes 2 dives to see the whole ship, and usually it is a scheduled dive.
Gab Gab 2 -加布加布 2 
Certification Level required: OW
Depth: 15m~18m
Great for any level divers, but requires good buoyance as there are many hard corals, schools of fish are commonly seen here, and not to mention you will see a submarine in the water!
American Tanker 美國運輸艦
Certification Level required: OW
Depth: 15m~ 25m
My favorite ship wreck in Guam, it is suitable for all levels of divers and usually have good visibility and not too deep so you can spend time to cruise and take pictues. There is an American flag on the ship,  so we can all take a picture with the flag and show our respect.
(photo copyright by Gary Sun)

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